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Notes & Corrections for MH Packet page
by fuscialadybug (fuscialadybug)
at March 2nd, 2006 (01:40 pm)

Thanks for putting up the mental health packet. It's great to finally see it up there.

Notes and questions:

1. As much as I like the art nouveau font I think its too much on the packet name and makes it hard to read. A simpler font with one darkish color would work better.

2. Why was the order of the wording changed in some listings? I had it set up so that the title of the article or chapter always came first. Please change it back.

3. On the sidebar please change "Bialogue/GLAAD INFO PACKETS" to "Bialogue Bisexuality INFO PACKETS" (or use the word bisexual if bisexuality doesnt fit.) Since there is limited space, I'd rather have the word "bisexuality' than "GLAAD." GLAAD will still be on the actual packet page.

4. Do we want to make Ron Fox's new book clickable now? or wait till it is for sale? It's already up on Haworth's site with details on chapter headings and other info, I think.

5. There is an inconsistency on what was italicized. You seem to be italicizing chapter titles but sometimes the word "chapter" along with its corresponding # is italicized and sometimes it's not.

6. If you italicize chapter titles, dont you also have to italicize article titles? (This is why I didnt italicize anything.)

7. Attached find the Bisexual Resources List--national. This needs to be put up where it can be linked to and printed out.

8. Attached find the Bisexual Resources List--local. This needs to be put up where it can be linked to and printed out. (Then add to listing: New York City--local available here--printer-friendly version It is different than our online version in that has info the online version lacks due to the assorted convenient clickable links. (The packet is designed so people can print items out and use them as handouts for workshops, classes or other programs.) It also includes a few listings you never put up.

9. Item 16 should be removed (they seem to have lost interest in that project which is disappointing) and item 22 should be inserted to position 16. These changes were on the latest version of the packet I sent you.

10. We need to have a printer-friendly version of the packet Table of Contents because it's part of the packet. I think we should make it item one. Please make sure the underlinings added for the links are removed (leave in the underlines under book titles.) Please re-bold the whole list as it was in the original document.

11. Why is some of the text in the list purple and some black?

12. I only requested links to the documents on this page. Please remove the extra links as they are a distraction.

13. I assume you are still working on linking the remaining documents in the Bailey Study Materials section.

14. The word "Contents" at the top needs to be a bit farther from the list text (as it was in the original) and I think a larger size type would look better in this context. Although once the Table of Contents becomes item one it might be redundent but we can decide on that later--I'd like to see it first.

15. I'm not crazy about "Nobody Knows I'm Bisexual" as a T-shirt slogan for the Bialogue pages. It's a good photo but is there another one with a prouder-sounding slogan?

I know it's a long list but I know how you hate when everything is not on one page so I stayed up late trying to think of every possible point. If anything above is unclear--feel free to write or call.