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by fuscialadybug (fuscialadybug)
at March 2nd, 2006 (01:46 pm)

Was looking over the packet page and noticed some new items. I have also made some changes and additions.

2nd Checklist of corrections and items for packet page:

1. remove date of publication from # 18

2. and 21 (could you please consult me before you make changes to my work? this is different from the other Bialogue pages where I am sending you several items and you are pulling it together)

3. put heading back in for Bailey Study Materials section at bottom. (If you have any suggestions for the title of this heading let me know, I've tried several--so far this is my favorite

4. I would prefer we use GLAAD's acronym and not spell it out. I do not wish to put any org's non-inclusive name on our site which is why it is not on my original document. Ditto for The Task Force, AVP or The Anti-Violence Project or anyone else. (Dont forget to remove the word "The" at the beginning of the listing before you change it.

5. please remove the subtitle of the article in #18, it unnecessarily lengthens the listing to 2 lines. Wanted: Bi Guy is good enough

6. In the second sentence of the intro under the title, could you please change "issues bisexuals face" to "issues bisexual people face."

7. Please add this list of instructions under the intro

Download each article in the packet by clicking on the title of the article. You may print and copy the articles to use as handouts for training. Each book has a recommended chapter or chapters we have suggested as training handouts. Click on the name of the book and you’ll be sent to a website where you can purchase it. When using this packet as training handouts, we suggest you compile a Local Bi Resources List for your area: we have provided the National.

we dont want the instructions to end up on the Table of Contents Page for the packet

8. I am removing GLAAD from the name of this packet. It will stay on the packet designed for media-based mental health professionals. Please remove them from the title, the sidebar and the footer. The new title is: Bialogue Bisexuality Information Packet for Mental Health Professionals. This is how it now looks on the table of contents page:


Bisexuality Information Packet

for Mental Health Professionals
(see email sent 3/1/06 for formatting)

Thanks for all your hard work. What did Ms Witherspoon have to say?