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NYABN website: suggested updates and changes
by fuscialadybug (fuscialadybug)
at March 2nd, 2006 (03:33 pm)

Dont know what date I originally sent these but they are old

I thought I sent these to you all on one page weeks ago but cannot now find it so am re-creating the list and adding new.

1. Remove outerboros section as all listings are defunct or inappropriate.
2. Remove BiGLTNY and Pride In Da Bronx listings under youth as they are defunct and replace them with the YES Program at the Center and HOTT Health Outreach To Teens at Callen-Lourde.
3. Remove the “coming out” section: all the Bi Groups are good for coming out, that is part of their purpose. You can list all of them again but that would be repetitive. Bi Perspective has low attendance which means less role-models for new folks (and usually indicates other issues). Not sure why we would recommend it in particular.
4. As you mentioned, Shades of Lavender should be removed from the women’s group section.
5. We could add a health section which could include the Callen-Lourde Health Center, Shades of Lavender (if it’s a more appropriate place to list it) GMHC and whatever else fits.
6. There are 2 other bi women’s groups not currently listed on our women’s section.
7. SISTAH should be listed somewhere. We could have a bi-inclusive groups section where the poly groups could also go. Or if we put SISTAH in the women’s group section we should make sure the text clearly says it’s for lesbians and bi women. (The last time I went I definitely got the vibe that male pronouns were not welcome in the discussion even though bi women were there.)
8. House of Anjea . Another bi-inclusive women’s group Donna would like us to list…The House of Anjea is a support group for womyn who are bisexual, lesbian, same-gender-loving that are either married, engaged, partnered with men, yet maintain relationships with women. Topics vary from relationships, transitioning, leaving the marriage, balancing both male/female relationships, just to name a few. Meets every 3rd Sun from 3:30-4:30@ the Center in NYC. for more info: 212-479-7886 or 917-623-7889. Thanks.D.
9. Recovery groups: shouldn’t we also refer people to the recovery groups at the Center? In fact, shouldn’t the queer recovery groups be listed before the general ones?
10. Contact Us would be a much more appropriate and accessible heading than holla back. We are not a hip-hop or even youth website and it just doesn’t fit with the rest of our format. It makes it more difficult for people who are looking for the contact us button to find us.
11. I think Stay in touch is too vague. I know I wouldn’t look at that and expect to find magazines. Why don’t we just call it bi magazines? If you later start adding blogs, it can be called bi magazines & blogs which you could stack vertically so it wouldn’t be too long.
12. Now that we’ve settled on Biologue for the activist group name, it needs a listing under bi groups and needs to be put up in lets get political. This is the text I’ve come up with for now…if you can think of something more let me know. [Biologue The mission of Biologue is to educate people about bisexuality and to counter myths, stereotypes and invisibility.] As for contact info: could you fashion something similar to what Larry has for NYABN email that would say biologue@nyabn.org but get shunted to my email?

13. Bisexual Speakers Bureau needs a button. Or you can put it under lets get political if there’s no space. It would be more visible if it had its own button and therefore we are more likely to get speaking requests that way.
14. If we’re running out of space for buttons maybe we could line them up on the side instead of the top the way BiZone’s website does it.
15. There’s a typo on the bisexual.org listing: The Bisexual Foundation is a good place to find an eclectic mix of all thing bisexual. It should read “things”
16. Another typo: People, this list is only as good as YOU make it. If you find a bad link, if we need to add/update, if something is happening with YOUR group, etc. LET USE KNOW. --- Thank you
17. Don’t think we need a hyphen between bisexual & information:
Bisexual-Information Phone-Line on who we are page, 4th paragraph
18. The Famous Bisexuals in History list needs to be added to the bi knowledge page. It needs formatting help but is completely up to date.