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Updated List of Corrections and Additions for MH Packet
by fuscialadybug (fuscialadybug)
at March 4th, 2006 (02:44 pm)

1. Remove italics

2. Please remove extra links that are not links to the documents listed on this page. The only links on this page should be to documents included in the packet.

3. Add “Table Of Contents as item 1 on list.

4. Add “Bisexuality In-Service Training Brochure” as item 2 on list.

5. Add “Bi Resources List—New York City’ to list under “National Resources” list

6. Put heading back in for Bailey Study Materials section at bottom.

6.5 Change Intro under title to this text:

This packet has been created to educate mental health professionals on bisexuality. It provides facts, dispels myths and stereotypes, educates about issues bisexual people face and provides guidelines for clinical practice. A section is provided anylyzing the Bailey research study and the New York Times article that publicized it, debunking their faulty conclusions.

The information in this packet is designed for use by Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Counselors, Psychotherapists, Sex Therapists and Sexuality Researchers. It can be used individually or as training handouts for workshops, seminars, and classes for professionals or students in the above fields. The packet can be fluid and pieces can be removed or added depending on the issues being addressed.

7. Please add this list of instructions under the intro

Download each article in the packet by clicking on the title of the article. You may print and copy the articles to use as handouts for training. Each book has a recommended chapter or chapters we have suggested as training handouts. Click on the name of the book and you’ll be sent to a website where you can purchase it. When using this packet as training handouts, we suggest you compile a Local Bi Resources List of bi resources for your area: we have provided the national.

8. we dont want the instructions to end up on the Table of Contents Page for the packet

9. As much as I like the art nouveau font I think its too much on the packet name and makes it hard to read. A simpler font with one darkish color would work better.

10. Bisexual Resources List--national. This needs to be put up where it can be linked to and printed out.

10. The Bisexual Resources List—New York City. This needs to be put up where it can be linked to and printed out. Or switch out NYABN’s current online version for mine and give it a printer friendly option. It is different than our online version: it has info the online version lacks due to the assorted convenient clickable links. (The packet is designed so people can print items out and use them as handouts for workshops, classes or other programs.) It also includes a few listings you never put up.

11. We need to have a printer-friendly version of the packet Table of Contents because it's part of the packet.

12. Switch out "Nobody Knows I'm Bisexual" photo for photo on musical notes page “Bisexual Pride” or something new with a prouder-sounding slogan.

13. Change Offence to Offense

14. Put up Bisexuality In-Service Training Brochure page

15. Create Sheela Lambert.com website

16. Put up Bisexual Health Report on SL site and link to packet

17. Put up Famous Bisexuals List on SL site and link to packet